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Do You Avoid Visiting the Doctor? You’re Not Alone.

Taking care of our health often takes a backseat to other priorities. We may find it difficult to find the care we need nearby, or reliable transportation to and from appointments. Some people may have a distrust of the medical establishment. Whatever the reason, neglecting regular medical check-ups and delaying necessary healthcare visits can have serious consequences. 

Four Reasons People Give to Avoid Visiting the Doctor

We’re taking a look at the top four reasons — in no particular order —  we hear for people avoiding the doctor, and offering some perspective based on our experience as a top urgent care in Hampton Roads, VA

Reason #1: “I Don’t Have Time” 

In today’s fast-paced world, time is often our most precious commodity. We may have inflexible work hours, young children or aging parents to tend to, and a to-do list a mile long. These  commitments often consume our days, leaving little room to even schedule a doctor’s appointment, let alone attend one!  

A 2019 Zocdoc survey found that 80% of Americans surveyed delayed seeking medical care because they couldn’t find a convenient appointment time. The 2022 Survey of Physician Appointment Wait Times conducted by Merrit Hawkins found that the time it takes to schedule an appointment has risen steadily since 2004, averaging 26 days. Consequently, people may choose to forego doctor visits, simply because it’s too time-consuming and inconvenient. 

Consider this: We believe the presence of local urgent care facilities can address this issue effectively. If primary care doctors are booked weeks in advance, our communities need an alternative for time-strapped individuals. In our four urgent care clinics in Hampton Roads, we do not require appointments. At In and Out Express Care, we accept walk-ins so that patients are able to address their health concerns in a timely manner and on their schedule. We work hard to keep patient wait times down, so that we can get you In and Out and back on your way!

Reason #2: “It’s Not That Bad”

While it’s true that not every runny nose requires a doctor’s visit, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should ignore every symptom of pain or sickness that you feel. The second major reason that people avoid seeing the doctor is that they either believe they can tough it out, or they believe (or want to believe) that it’s not that serious and will go away on its own.

There are times when minor symptoms can be deceptive, lulling individuals into a false sense of security and leading them to postpone seeking medical advice. While minor discomfort or ailments may seem inconsequential at first, they can sometimes be early warning signs of more significant underlying health issues. For example, persistent fatigue, significant weight fluctuation, recurring headaches, and persistent digestive issues are all seemingly minor symptoms that can also point to more serious underlying conditions like anemia, diabetes, thyroid disorders, IBS, or even certain cancers. Symptoms like this do not always indicate a serious health issue, but they should be taken seriously and discussed with a healthcare professional for proper evaluation and diagnosis. 

Consider this: Early detection and intervention can significantly impact treatment outcomes for any underlying conditions. It’s as simple as keeping track of symptoms you have, and bringing them up for discussion during a regular check-up with your doctor. Telehealth options are becoming a more convenient way to check in with a doctor over any concerning symptoms you may be having in between check-ups.

Reason #3: “Doctors Make Me Nervous”

We hear you! There’s a reason the term “White Coat Syndrome” was coined to describe the higher-than-normal blood pressure readings resulting from anxiety of just being in a doctor’s office. For some individuals, the sterile environment, unfamiliar instruments, fear over possible diagnoses, or apprehension about an upcoming procedure evokes anxiety and fear. Other people may simply not trust doctors, due to prior personal experiences, cultural factors, or individual beliefs. 

Consider this: We urge you to research doctors to find one you may feel more at ease with. Get referrals from family and friends that you trust. Once you find one, communication is key, and will help you build a relationship in which you feel more comfortable. Be open and honest about your concerns or reservations, ask questions, and share relevant information about your medical history, symptoms, or any past negative experiences. A good doctor will actively listen, address your concerns, and provide clear explanations about your diagnosis, treatment options, and expected outcomes. At our urgent care clinics in Hampton Roads, our doctors do their best to make you feel welcome and at ease. 

Reason #4: “I Can’t Afford It”

We have this listed as reason number four, but for many people, cost is the #1 reason they avoid visiting the doctor. According to a recent Gallup survey, nearly 40% of Americans reported not seeking medical care due to cost. Medical bills, even with insurance, can be high; without insurance, they quickly become unmanageable. (That’s assuming you can find an available doctor that accepts the insurance you do have!) We understand the frustration this causes and the burden it creates.

Consider this: Financial barriers to healthcare is a topic far too broad to cover in this brief article. However, we do believe that by shifting the focus toward preventative care and early intervention, we can help reduce healthcare costs. At In and Out Express Care, we focus on overall wellness and recommend appropriate screenings and monitoring to catch warning signs before they become full-blown (and more costly) issues. We encourage our community to take charge of their health by having regular physicals, vaccinations, and making beneficial lifestyle changes. And for patients who need it, we offer patient financing to spread out the cost of care into more manageable payments over time.

Take Charge of Your Health

As a leading urgent care clinic in Hampton Roads, we’ve been providing our community with quality healthcare services for over 30 years. We’ve heard it all — not just regarding individual health concerns, but also regarding legitimate barriers to healthcare that our patients often face. It is our mission to do our part to serve our Tidewater community. Understanding the reasons that people avoid visiting the doctor is crucial for improving accessibility and being able to provide timely health services to those who need it.

For those who face barriers like these, we know it’s difficult. And yet, it’s important to take charge of your health and make it a priority. A local urgent care clinic may help to address these barriers and more.

In addition to being an urgent care clinic, we also serve as a primary care doctor in Hampton Roads, VA.  In and Out Express Care has four convenient locations in the area and we accept walk-ins. If your only reason to avoid visiting the doctor is that you believe you’re young and healthy, we urge you to at least commit to an annual wellness exam. Our friendly doctors are more than happy to discuss any concerns and health goals. Come in and see us – we’re glad to serve you!


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