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Pet Therapy as Medical Treatment?

Yes! In and Out Express Care thinks pet therapy is a viable alternative to traditional therapies.

Ever wondered what is up with crazy cat ladies? I tell you what, they’re onto something!

The stereotypical “cat lady” is a woman who lives on her own and relies on her cats for companionship. It’s actually a very sane thing to do! People that have gone through divorce, death of a spouse and children going off to college often become depressed and lonely. Pets are a perfect fit! They provide constant companionship, love and give people what so many need, a friend. Loneliness is becoming a very real problem as our population ages. In and Out Express Care sees this daily. Pet therapy could be for you!

Help for stress, loneliness, and pain

Pet therapy is quickly becoming more common as people search for solutions for anxiety, stress and loneliness. It is also proven to reduce pain and fatigue. It can help a broad range of health problems such as patients being treated for cancer, people in long term care facilities, chronic heart failure, veterans with post traumatic stress disorder, children having dental procedures and people enduring prolonged stays in the hospital.

Worried about animals possible spreading disease? No need! Medical facilities have strict rules about vaccines, cleanliness and appropriate behavior for their pet therapy dogs. There has never been a reported case of infection from patients receiving pet therapy.

Bolster confidence in social situations

Rehabilitation facilities are finding pet therapy useful in treating addiction and abuse cases. People who have a difficult time in social situations often gravitate towards animals and feel a bond with them. A close relationship with an animal can be the start of a new beginning for someone suffering from addiction or PTSD from abuse or neglect.

Support for those with autism

Therapy with horses is becoming known for its effective treatment to children on the autism spectrum. They are used by physical speech and occupational therapists in what is referred to as hippotherapy. Pet therapy helps them develop emotional, motor and sensory sensations from riding and caring for a horse. My sister’s youngest daughter has had a deep love of horses from as far back as I can remember. She is on the autism spectrum. When she is around a horse, she opens up. Her face lights up and you can see the joy that she feels. It’s a very touching thing to experience.

Measurable health benefits

Interacting with an animal lowers blood pressure, reduces cortisol levels, lowers your risk of heart disease, and releases oxytocin, a feel good hormone.

In and Out Express Care’s about its patients’ health and mental wellbeing! Pet therapy is an effective tool in today’s growing healthcare field.

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