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Physicals and Wellness

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Preventive Care and Wellness

At In and Out Express Care, we believe preventive care is important. During a patient’s visit, we focus on overall wellness and recommend appropriate screenings and monitoring to catch warning signs before they become full-blown issues. We provide ongoing care and management for both acute and chronic conditions. Routine physicals and follow-up appointments are both important components of maintaining health. Our doctors obtain a thorough history for each patient and provide a comprehensive exams tailored to each patient.


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Active families and individuals on-the-go know that In and Out Express Care is the place to go for convenient, affordable physicals with no appointment required. In and Out Express Care provides school and work physicals, sports physicals, and camp physicals. For more details on industry-specific physicals for employees, such as DOT or FAA physicals, please visit our I & O Medical Centers website.


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